Monday, March 30, 2015

All About Plants

Flowering Plants reproduce in many different ways.  Some of those ways are after the plant grows food with seeds, those seeds inside of the food sometimes comes out of the plant, and by the wind, blows to a different plant, and those can be turned into more plants or food. Flowers reproduce by pollination and fertilization. Bees, Humming birds, bats, and butterflies do this job. They go to a flower or plant, and suck out or rub the pollen onto their fur from the stamen, and take it away to a different plant, and then the pistol then takes that pollen into the flower where the seed sits, and then that seed goes and turns into food or a plant. This makes them able to reproduce!
The purpose of a seed's covering is to grow the seed and protect it. For example, if a honey comes to a flower, and brings pollen to the pistil, it then travels down to the seed and seed coating, and grows into a full grown seed. Without the seed coating, the flower wouldn't be able to reproduce, have pollen for honeybees, or be protected. The seed's coating is a big reason why we have so many flowers and plants, after another.
Flowering Plants can be found in many different places. One of those places could be a grassy, moist area because there the plant would have moist fresh soil, and plenty of water and sun. That way the butterflies, bats, humming birds, and honeybees will be able to eat, and spread more pollen for other plants to grow. Another place where you could find Flowering Plants is in the rain forest because there it would get plenty of water to be able to survive, and sprout more plants. It could also get some good sun, as long as it's not covered by trees. Even trees would be able to survive in the rain forest for most of the same reasons. Finally, another good place could be in someone's backyard because there, it would get all the surviving tools needed to survive. Such as water, sunlight, fresh soil, and room to grow. Overall, Flowering Plants could grow anywhere, as long as it has room to grow, water, sunlight, fresh soil, and is in a healthy environment with nothing that could kill that plant. Such as humans who could stomp on it, or any animals that might eat it.
Animals interact with helping the Flowering Plants reproduce because they can help the pollen, or seeds move around to different places where that seed could sprout. For example, if a honeybee gets pollen from one flower, it can take it to the pistil of another flower, and then that would make that flower grow a seed to sprout. Another example, would be if a squirrel is eating some seeds it might take it to another place, and drop it to turn into another plant.
Overall, Flowering Plants are helpful to animals, humans, and the Earth. If we didn't have humming birds, honeybees, butterflies, or bats, some of these plant still wouldn't be here. So, we need to take care of those animals, and take care of our plants so we never run out of them because they are very helpful to our lives, and give us oxygen, something we can't live without.