Monday, May 4, 2015

American Colonies

Europeans were interested in coming to the " New World " for a lot of different reasons. For these reasons, people started colonies in the " New World." For example, one of the reasons were that the Europeans thought they could make good money from the goods that aren't found in Europe. Another reason was because they wanted to have freedom of religion, or to just get a fresh new start. Finally, another reason was that they wanted to charge and change things that they did not like or enjoy in England. For all of these reasons, and possibly more, Europeans wanted to come to the " New World. "
How I would compare or contrast the different colonial regions ( New England, Middle, and Southern ) is in New England and the Middle, they were very good at farming and trade. They also produces, and exported a lot of wheat. So much wheat that they became known as the " Bread Basket " of the colonies! The Middle was known for it's Ethic Diversity. In the Port Cities like New York and Philadelphia grew into bustling cites. What is different about the Southern and the Middle is that the Southern had slaves for their plantations, and the North probably didn't.

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