Thursday, February 5, 2015

What to know about Line Plots

What I learned about Line Plots are that there are many different types of Line Plots, and different graphs. I also learned that you can really show data with the Line Plots, and they are very helpful for organizing your work. I also learned that a Line Plot is a number line that shows the frequency of each value in a set of data. A Line Plot records the number of times each value occurred with a mark.
To add on, a Line Graph shows the change in a value over time. A Line Graph uses lines to join points that represent the data. You also involve the range and mode to find out how to fill out your graphs. I think that, now that I know how to use Line Plots, and Line Graphs, I will be able to organize my thinking a lot better then I was because now I can see it so much more clearly. Without knowing this technique, I wouldn't know how to organize data, or be able to know how to work with them. A lot of the things that I learned today, I didn't know before. I finally was reminded how to find the range and mode. The way there was examples to show how to do this work really helped too. I really enjoy having that for me to be able to see, so I can easily see how to do it myself. Some of the graphs I say today, I didn't know how to answer the questions to them or how to look at them correctly.
In conclusion, I really think that this data will stay with me, and that I'll be able to really use it a lot. Graphs and Line Plots are important and a good use of organization.

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