Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Where the Red Fern Grows Book Talk

Are you a dog person? Do you like raccoon hunting? Billy Col men sure does. He wanted those hound dogs so bad!
It all started, when Billy saw a ad in the newspaper telling him how fun it was to go raccoon hunting. He always has wanted a dog or two. He went to ask his father, and pleaded and bugged him, but he said no.
This makes me realize that, it would probably be really hard to have to take care of just one dog, and even harder to take care of two dogs. So I sort of understand where the father is coming from, and the mother. Also they really didn't have the money because back then there wasn't very much of those kind of things, and also because he lived on a farm, so they grew most of their things to eat.
But, that didn't make Billy give up. He tried everything he could to get those hound dogs, and he didn't just want two ordinary hound dogs, he wanted good dogs that were good hunters.
His grandfather had a little shop in town, and Billy would sometimes go up and see his grandfather. There he would see costumers coming in and out, talking about how many raccoon's there own hounds would catch.
Billy just couldn't take anymore, so when he saw the newspaper ad that there were two new hound dogs open, and that it was OK with his father and mother, and also that his grandfather would put in his order for the dogs, he would save up and buy the dogs himself.
So, he worked and worked for those dogs, and kept saving money for two summers, and every penny and nickel went into that little jar that he kept his money in. He finally, finally, had enough money to get the dogs. But, then he found out that they were very far away from where he was, and his father and mother didn't let him go and get the dogs himself. But, he wanted those hound dogs, no matter what the risk. So, one night, he climbed out of bed and sneaked out the door, and on his way to get his dogs. It took a matter of time, but soon he got there, and when he saw his dogs, he was so breathless, he couldn't say a thing. It was love at first sight. The man who gave Billy his dogs, gave him a potato sack and cut two holes in it, and in the dogs went, and they were off on their journey.
When, Billy got back home, his mother was so frightened and glad to see him, but see said "never ever do that again!" When Billy showed his family the dogs, they al thought they were a pretty cute pair. The father asked, "What are their names?"
"Little Ann and Old Dan!" Billy answered.
So Billy and the dogs started their live together. Hunting raccoon's, and training the dogs, and just plain having fun. Soon the dogs became a part of the family.
But, one day, these two boys beet Billy that their dog was a better raccoon hunter then his was. He didn't want to take the bet, but his grandfather made him. After that beating, disaster struck. But, you'll have to read and find out about what happened after that. I would love to tell you how the story ends, but you'll just have to read it yourself.
Where the Red Fern Grows is an amazing book that tells the life of a young man, and how he and his dogs built a relationship.
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