Thursday, January 8, 2015

Last Days

Last couple days:
We have found what we wanted! We found people, ( who I believe are called the Taino people ) , we found new supplies to bring back home, and we found gold and jewels. I'll be known in history forever, but to be the actual person who experienced it, is even better. We wanted to be able to sail longer, but we couldn't get the captain to let us go longer, so we are heading home! I'm kind of sad to go, because I really wanted to find more riches. But also, I'm very excited to go back home to see friends and family.
I've been wondering my whole trip, what my friends and family are doing and how they are. I really miss my little four year old daughter, and my six year old son. We have been sailing for so long, I don't even know what day of the week it is. I wonder if the captain will let my crew and I, have some of the goods we found. He better!
I'm very excited to see my family. I was surprised that none of us got sick with a disease or died.
I think my crew was pretty good. They didn't get in bad mood very much, and they didn't steel or hog all of the food. We did get some pretty gross things in our food and water, but it didn't get very bad. I think that I could have been in a better mood about some things. But, you live and you learn, right!
I wonder what things happened to the people on my crew in their past. We did sometimes talk, but no one, including me, got very personal.
I bet that when we get home, everyone will be cheering for us, as we get back to the dock. I can't wait to feel my kids big bear hugs when I see them. They didn't want me to go in the first place, but it was for a worthy cost.
I think I hear one of the crew members shouting that they see land! Time to see my friends and family again. Finally! This adventure with stick with me for the rest of my life!

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