Friday, September 26, 2014

Eruptions and Earthquakes

 What causes an earthquake is when Tectonic Plates spread apart from each other, slide, or when they go under or over each other. Then the magma or lava from the ground raises up, and after some time it forms rocks or a mountain.
 Why it's important to research or study earthquakes and volcanoes is if a earthquake or volcano is about to happen, people who know some background knowledge on the topic will be able to warn people who are close to it. Also if you know about them, if you are ever in one you would know what to do and how to take care of yourself. One more example, is if you know about earthquakes and volcanoes, if you have someone who lives close to where there are a lot of earthquakes or volcanoes, you could tell them what to do when they're in that situation.
 The way that earthquakes change the surface is when tectonic plates keep pushing at each other until one of them rises up on the other. Another example, is when the tectonic plates move in different directions with also causes an earthquakes. One last example, is when the tectonic plates separate from each other and it makes the ground move, and that's an earthquake as well.
 The damage caused by an earthquake is if you're earthquake is bad enough then it would make buildings and houses collapse into the ground or onto each other, or they may be damaged. Another example would be that the earthquakes could make the ground go into waves.
 Where earthquakes are most likely to occur is the fault line on the outline of tectonic plates, and the fault line is in between tectonic plates.
 The way tsunami is related to earthquakes is that the tectonic plates and the earthquakes cause tsunamis.
 A volcano is when you have a mountain that has magma or lava, that is building up pressure inside the mountain. Finally, when the magma builds up enough pressure inside the mountain, it erupts. Sometimes the mountain has so much pressure inside it that it blows the whole top of the mountain off. For example, one mountain that did that was Mount Saint Helens. Volcanoes can be very dangerous.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Body System

Dear readers,
  The nervous system is important because it is one of the most important things that helps us stay alive. If we ate something that was poison and we didn't know it, we would not be alive. The nerves help us to hear, see, smell, taste, and touch. If we didn't have those senses we couldn't feel anything or touch anything. Our nerves are important to because they help our eyes, and our eyes help us to know what we're doing, what things are, colors, and where we are going. The body system is important to because we use our brain, and our brain sends different things to different parts of our body.
  The different components of the nervous system that help humans survive is your neurons and your other nerves that make connections, and communicate with each other if you touch something hot, or something startles you. Other things are blinking, sneezing, and swallowing. How the brain receives messages from the outside of our body is when we use all of our senses. Our skin helps our touch senses to feel things. If we feel something too hot or too cold we would pull our hand away. Our eyes help us to see where we're walking and what we are doing. There are three more senses and they are hear, smell, and taste.
 How the nervous system works with our muscles is when our brain sends messages through our body to our muscles and tells them to expand and contract. For example, when you pick up a book. Your nerves tell your hand to open, then you close your hand, and your muscles pull the book up. Another example, is when you fill up a cup with water. You try to balance the water in the cup so it does not spill.
 The way our brain works with our involuntary muscles is it brain sends messages or ( signals ) to our organs to tell them to keep doing what they need to, without you even thinking or knowing about it. For example, when your eyes blink you can control it, but you also don't really have to think about it when your not paying attention. One more example would be your tongue muscles and nerves. When you talk you don't think about the way you have to work your tongue when you talk. Your brain, nerves, and muscles do that for you.                        

Pure Pressure

  Some new words that I learned in this article is  pseudomature, and untimely. I think the word pseudomature means when your young who are having romantic relationships, and from that when you are in your 20's you will look like your a grown up but your really not mature. I think the word untimely means you are doing things that you can do when your older, but you do it when you are younger and your not suppose to.
  I think that you should think about the future before you make decisions as a fifth grader because when your older if you made the wrong decisions when you were younger, then you would not be a very big success  when your older.
  Some things I would want to make a habit in fifth grade to be a success  when I'm older is to try really hard to walk away from pure pressure, and to always make the right decisions all the time.
  My defintion for success is when your young or older you make the right decisions, have a good education, and to have a great life.    

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Interesting things about dirt

    I think that the soil sample is a mixture, instead of a solution because a mixture is when you have different objects or liquids. You can also separate the objects or liquids, even if it's really hard. There is some solids inside of the bag. In opinion, I think the weight of the sample is very light. There is a bunch of shapes inside of the bag. There is squares, circles, a little window shape, and a lot of other shapes. There are different colors of skittles insides the bag, and I think that those are the things that make the soil poison.
    Where it would be concerned for engineers is in parks, in beaches, underneath houses, and underneath other buildings, because if other people or children where on that soil it could make them very sick and it's very dangerous.
    The two properties that all states of matter have in common or that are the same are weight and volume because liquid, gas, and solids all are able to be weighted and they all take up room.
    Weight is how much gravity there is in an object