Thursday, May 14, 2015

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Monday, May 4, 2015

American Colonies

Europeans were interested in coming to the " New World " for a lot of different reasons. For these reasons, people started colonies in the " New World." For example, one of the reasons were that the Europeans thought they could make good money from the goods that aren't found in Europe. Another reason was because they wanted to have freedom of religion, or to just get a fresh new start. Finally, another reason was that they wanted to charge and change things that they did not like or enjoy in England. For all of these reasons, and possibly more, Europeans wanted to come to the " New World. "
How I would compare or contrast the different colonial regions ( New England, Middle, and Southern ) is in New England and the Middle, they were very good at farming and trade. They also produces, and exported a lot of wheat. So much wheat that they became known as the " Bread Basket " of the colonies! The Middle was known for it's Ethic Diversity. In the Port Cities like New York and Philadelphia grew into bustling cites. What is different about the Southern and the Middle is that the Southern had slaves for their plantations, and the North probably didn't.

Monday, March 30, 2015

All About Plants

Flowering Plants reproduce in many different ways.  Some of those ways are after the plant grows food with seeds, those seeds inside of the food sometimes comes out of the plant, and by the wind, blows to a different plant, and those can be turned into more plants or food. Flowers reproduce by pollination and fertilization. Bees, Humming birds, bats, and butterflies do this job. They go to a flower or plant, and suck out or rub the pollen onto their fur from the stamen, and take it away to a different plant, and then the pistol then takes that pollen into the flower where the seed sits, and then that seed goes and turns into food or a plant. This makes them able to reproduce!
The purpose of a seed's covering is to grow the seed and protect it. For example, if a honey comes to a flower, and brings pollen to the pistil, it then travels down to the seed and seed coating, and grows into a full grown seed. Without the seed coating, the flower wouldn't be able to reproduce, have pollen for honeybees, or be protected. The seed's coating is a big reason why we have so many flowers and plants, after another.
Flowering Plants can be found in many different places. One of those places could be a grassy, moist area because there the plant would have moist fresh soil, and plenty of water and sun. That way the butterflies, bats, humming birds, and honeybees will be able to eat, and spread more pollen for other plants to grow. Another place where you could find Flowering Plants is in the rain forest because there it would get plenty of water to be able to survive, and sprout more plants. It could also get some good sun, as long as it's not covered by trees. Even trees would be able to survive in the rain forest for most of the same reasons. Finally, another good place could be in someone's backyard because there, it would get all the surviving tools needed to survive. Such as water, sunlight, fresh soil, and room to grow. Overall, Flowering Plants could grow anywhere, as long as it has room to grow, water, sunlight, fresh soil, and is in a healthy environment with nothing that could kill that plant. Such as humans who could stomp on it, or any animals that might eat it.
Animals interact with helping the Flowering Plants reproduce because they can help the pollen, or seeds move around to different places where that seed could sprout. For example, if a honeybee gets pollen from one flower, it can take it to the pistil of another flower, and then that would make that flower grow a seed to sprout. Another example, would be if a squirrel is eating some seeds it might take it to another place, and drop it to turn into another plant.
Overall, Flowering Plants are helpful to animals, humans, and the Earth. If we didn't have humming birds, honeybees, butterflies, or bats, some of these plant still wouldn't be here. So, we need to take care of those animals, and take care of our plants so we never run out of them because they are very helpful to our lives, and give us oxygen, something we can't live without.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What to know about Line Plots

What I learned about Line Plots are that there are many different types of Line Plots, and different graphs. I also learned that you can really show data with the Line Plots, and they are very helpful for organizing your work. I also learned that a Line Plot is a number line that shows the frequency of each value in a set of data. A Line Plot records the number of times each value occurred with a mark.
To add on, a Line Graph shows the change in a value over time. A Line Graph uses lines to join points that represent the data. You also involve the range and mode to find out how to fill out your graphs. I think that, now that I know how to use Line Plots, and Line Graphs, I will be able to organize my thinking a lot better then I was because now I can see it so much more clearly. Without knowing this technique, I wouldn't know how to organize data, or be able to know how to work with them. A lot of the things that I learned today, I didn't know before. I finally was reminded how to find the range and mode. The way there was examples to show how to do this work really helped too. I really enjoy having that for me to be able to see, so I can easily see how to do it myself. Some of the graphs I say today, I didn't know how to answer the questions to them or how to look at them correctly.
In conclusion, I really think that this data will stay with me, and that I'll be able to really use it a lot. Graphs and Line Plots are important and a good use of organization.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Where the Red Fern Grows Book Talk

Are you a dog person? Do you like raccoon hunting? Billy Col men sure does. He wanted those hound dogs so bad!
It all started, when Billy saw a ad in the newspaper telling him how fun it was to go raccoon hunting. He always has wanted a dog or two. He went to ask his father, and pleaded and bugged him, but he said no.
This makes me realize that, it would probably be really hard to have to take care of just one dog, and even harder to take care of two dogs. So I sort of understand where the father is coming from, and the mother. Also they really didn't have the money because back then there wasn't very much of those kind of things, and also because he lived on a farm, so they grew most of their things to eat.
But, that didn't make Billy give up. He tried everything he could to get those hound dogs, and he didn't just want two ordinary hound dogs, he wanted good dogs that were good hunters.
His grandfather had a little shop in town, and Billy would sometimes go up and see his grandfather. There he would see costumers coming in and out, talking about how many raccoon's there own hounds would catch.
Billy just couldn't take anymore, so when he saw the newspaper ad that there were two new hound dogs open, and that it was OK with his father and mother, and also that his grandfather would put in his order for the dogs, he would save up and buy the dogs himself.
So, he worked and worked for those dogs, and kept saving money for two summers, and every penny and nickel went into that little jar that he kept his money in. He finally, finally, had enough money to get the dogs. But, then he found out that they were very far away from where he was, and his father and mother didn't let him go and get the dogs himself. But, he wanted those hound dogs, no matter what the risk. So, one night, he climbed out of bed and sneaked out the door, and on his way to get his dogs. It took a matter of time, but soon he got there, and when he saw his dogs, he was so breathless, he couldn't say a thing. It was love at first sight. The man who gave Billy his dogs, gave him a potato sack and cut two holes in it, and in the dogs went, and they were off on their journey.
When, Billy got back home, his mother was so frightened and glad to see him, but see said "never ever do that again!" When Billy showed his family the dogs, they al thought they were a pretty cute pair. The father asked, "What are their names?"
"Little Ann and Old Dan!" Billy answered.
So Billy and the dogs started their live together. Hunting raccoon's, and training the dogs, and just plain having fun. Soon the dogs became a part of the family.
But, one day, these two boys beet Billy that their dog was a better raccoon hunter then his was. He didn't want to take the bet, but his grandfather made him. After that beating, disaster struck. But, you'll have to read and find out about what happened after that. I would love to tell you how the story ends, but you'll just have to read it yourself.
Where the Red Fern Grows is an amazing book that tells the life of a young man, and how he and his dogs built a relationship.
If you want to hear more about this book, just click here and look at another person's writing.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Last Days

Last couple days:
We have found what we wanted! We found people, ( who I believe are called the Taino people ) , we found new supplies to bring back home, and we found gold and jewels. I'll be known in history forever, but to be the actual person who experienced it, is even better. We wanted to be able to sail longer, but we couldn't get the captain to let us go longer, so we are heading home! I'm kind of sad to go, because I really wanted to find more riches. But also, I'm very excited to go back home to see friends and family.
I've been wondering my whole trip, what my friends and family are doing and how they are. I really miss my little four year old daughter, and my six year old son. We have been sailing for so long, I don't even know what day of the week it is. I wonder if the captain will let my crew and I, have some of the goods we found. He better!
I'm very excited to see my family. I was surprised that none of us got sick with a disease or died.
I think my crew was pretty good. They didn't get in bad mood very much, and they didn't steel or hog all of the food. We did get some pretty gross things in our food and water, but it didn't get very bad. I think that I could have been in a better mood about some things. But, you live and you learn, right!
I wonder what things happened to the people on my crew in their past. We did sometimes talk, but no one, including me, got very personal.
I bet that when we get home, everyone will be cheering for us, as we get back to the dock. I can't wait to feel my kids big bear hugs when I see them. They didn't want me to go in the first place, but it was for a worthy cost.
I think I hear one of the crew members shouting that they see land! Time to see my friends and family again. Finally! This adventure with stick with me for the rest of my life!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More Days on Board

Day 23:    

 I've been on board The Boss for what seems like forever from now. Often times, I think about my children and my husband waiting for me, wondering if I'm OK. I sometimes wonder to myself if I will survive this journey or not. A tiny bird once came to our ship and told us that on some other ship, on man got scurvy and died. I don't know who send the message, but it was terrifying and interesting. I don't want to put my children through what I went through.
 When I was very young, my father went away from my mother and I never saw him again. I was three at the time,and I would always ask about my father, but my mother never made a response. She would just say everything happens for a reason,( whatever that means.) Iv don't know if he is still alive or not.
 Hoping, that we would pass checking our supplies and ship, we found out that our mass broke. Thankfully, we were able to find a tiny little island, and repair the ship. Once in a while, it comes to me, did I really want to take this journey? Did I really want to leave my friends and family, not knowing what will happen to them nor me? But then, there are reasons for wanting this journey. To have better money paying, so I can put more food on the table, and keep a roof over our heads. My children having a better education. There's not that much to learn about, but I always try my hardest.
 I crew's mood is changing all the time. Sometimes they're in a great mood, next thing you know, they're holding up against a wall yelling in your face. Personally, my mood doesn't change that much, but sometimes I do get sick of my crew. But you know, it is what it is.
 Often, I get really hungry. We have to keep our food in good supplie through out the whole journey. That means not a lot of people get anything at all.